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Tanya González
Business Manager
Responsible for new projects, Tanya provides custom consulting to our clients from a place of empathy and kindness. She has a natural predisposition for negotiating, bringing a win-win mentality to the table. She loves the beach, sunsets, and hanging out with her favorite people. She likes to go for bike rides and be one with nature.
Eduardo Juárez
Community Manager Trainee
Eduardo comes up with creative content and is responsible for the drafting of copy. Creativity is where he hits his stride. Spending his free time watching animated action gives him the necessary inspiration to create and draw his own fantastical stories. A practical type with a penchant for defending his vision, he is also a true believer in the abilities of those around him.
Tonatiuh Rosales
Audiovisual Content Creation Trainee
Tona makes up part of our audiovisual creation team. No matter the format, you can count on him to come up with clear and concise stories. He brings creativity to the table in terms of content generation, not to mention some innovative genius in the execution portion of the process. His passions in life include movie-viewing, music, photography, and writing. That said, being in contact with art brings him great joy.
Fernanda Calvillo
Community Manager Trainee When not helping out with work on UX drafts, Fernanda can be found generating creative content. While she loves dance, photography and digital collage, spending time with her dog is her true passion. She’s only a part-time dreamer, because she’s too busy making her dreams come true.
Susan Flores
Audiovisual Content Creation Trainee
Susan is an up-and-comer here at dínamo. She specializes in storytelling via video creation. She stands out from the crowd by virtue of her dynamism and innovational creativity. She loves doing photography, as well as watching both series and movies.
Ramsés Reyes
Get to know our tech guru and UX designer, Ramsés. Self-taught and constantly making moves to upgrade his skillset, Ramsés is all about finding the best tech solutions for dínamo and our clients. He is constantly reinventing himself and holds himself to the highest possible standards. His passion for drawing and illustration, swimming and motorcycle roadtrips keep the creative juices flowing.
Jovany Cruz
Head of Design
Let’s be clear: Jovany and his design team make magic happen. He’s equally just as comfortable as a leader as he is at providing the customer service our clients have come to expect. His charisma and laidback vibe make him the soul of the party. He loves going to concerts, movies, or settling in for a good streaming series. He considers himself trustworthy, loyal and the ideal friend with whom to enjoy a good belly-aching laugh.
Sara Vázquez
Graphic Designer
Even though she’s relatively new to the trade, Sara is an excellent graphic designer. Her commitment and visual IQ set her apart from the rest. Sara has a joie de vivre, constantly is looking for ways to improve herself, and finds passion in the oftoverlooked nuances of everyday life. She’s into analog photography and finds joy in spending time in green spaces with her loved ones. Life wouldn’t be life for her without watching series. Pep and and a can-do attitude are her hallmark.
Ludwing González
Website Developer
Lud is dedicated to creating, updating, and maintaining websites. A fan of reading and drawing, he enjoys a good walk and likes to play the bass guitar. He’s always up for a good adventure in new environs.
Vania Alonso
Graphic Designer
Dedicated to RRSS creative designs, websites, platforms, and whatever comes along while on her inventive odysseys. She’s dedicated to her trade, her ideals, and her dreams. Besides caring for her plants and puppy dogs, she is a connoisseur of music and cooking.
Raúl Buendía
Community Manager y Traficker Jr
An ADS specialist for Google, Facebook, Linkedin among others, Raúl is always up for a challenge. His focus on and analysis of hard data is his bread and butter. Creativity, dedication and fun inform his work at dínamo. He’s a sports junkie and a foodie, as well as an Instagram photographer, occasionally getting obsessed with extravagance.
Monserrat Gómez
Head of Communications
Monse is our point person for the oversight and management of marketing strategies and continued development. Besides having a hand in content creation, she is also a campaign strategist for both Google and Facebook ADS. She dreams big and is passionate about music, video games, and life.
Gabriela Milpas
Financial Administrator
Gabi is big on numbers, bar none. Her analytical ability when it comes to financial guidance lets us know we are in good hands. She describes herself as both disciplined and organized, not to mention loyal and with high standards in regard to her professional commitment to her work. She likes checking out new places, doing exercise, and learning at any given moment.
Seth González
Focused on making dínamo one of Mexico’s premiere design agencies with a global reach, Seth helps his team maintain razor-sharp focus and motivation. He’s passionate about poetry, cooking, basketball, swimming, and spending time with his family
Abraham González
Website Developer
Lovingly nicknamed “Potter”, Abraham is our frontend developer. With pro-active vision and energy in spades, he creates and constructs our websites with a special focus on expanding their abilities. His love for food, music and video games are what make him unique. He’s convinced that cats will try to overthrow the government at some point, but not on his watch.
Edgar Miranda
Sales Executive
Edgar always has his sights set on new projects and specializes in providing advice to our clients by coming up with communication-based solutions that the dínamo team will then bring to life. He’s a voracious reader and cinephile, loves marketing, and even maintains balance through exercise and meditation.
Kira Regina
I like school, playing with my friends and cousins, watching Chip and Potato, playing miss, eating chocolate ice cream, running and laughing. I also like when my parents read me stories and play with me. I’m super fast and I love to draw, dance, and sing.
Fernanda Castillo
Trafficker Digital Jr.
Fernanda is our Jr. Digital Ad Trafficker extraordinaire here at dínamo. She has vast knowledge of creative platforms, management, and campaign analysis. She loves video game and console culture, photography and is a hardcore Packers football fan. She also loves going to museums, but nothing can hold a candle to the her best friend and biggest source of inspiration: her cat.