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We take a logo’s performance into account as it pertains to the client’s needs, breaking away from brand building in order to fulfill both objectives.

Cliente: Milkiin

Project Development:

We designed the brand identity that can be used for different applications in digital and printed media. We determined what it was that accurately represented our client’s needs, which was key in creating a functional visual identity for the clinic.

Cliente: CREA

Project development:

Our graphic proposal on this project comes close to a minimalist aesthetic, a referential nod to the typographic alphabet of Bruno Munari. The golden ratio is our guiding light.

Cliente: Happy Frits

Project development:

Emojis became more relevant than ever for visual communication in 2014. Within this context Happy Fritz’s logo is a salute to emoji culture and geared toward a young audience. Furthermore, we included the characteristics of the product as basis for a stylized, typographic proposal.

Cliente: DIES

Project development:

Created stylishly from clean strokes, the aerial lattice logo was created in 2018. Our client was in search of an easy-to-recognize and easily applicable logo. Within their applications the logo performs well in both positive and negative.

Cliente: Emily Kings

Project development:

Logo design from scratch with reticulation and user manual, where different services come together while maintaining brand recognition.