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We design clear and precise communication for social media where the end product’s ability to maximize brand visibility takes precedence, as well as to also maximize online sales, community and event participation.

Cliente: Clínica Colorrectal

Project development::

It’s challenging to talk about social taboos, so to see that the numbers back up the work that we've done for over a year in creating their social media content let’s us know that we hit the mark with this project.


Reaching an average of 1k - 30k users on Facebook. (per publication).
30% increase in amount of appointments set up.

Cliente: Mitsubishi

Project development::

Webpage growth and brand positioning through content creation and publicity campaigns with stellar results, as well as noticeable increase in online sales.

Campaing averages:
  • Leads generated 100
  • Average cost per lead: $20.00
  • Average monthly sales: 2-4

Cliente: FEGER

Project development::

Design of corporate presentation catalogue for clients, campaigns for Google and Facebook, outreach to numerous potential clients and deals closed.